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Roatan Dive Academy, the professional training arm of Subway Watersports, Mayan Divers and Subway 44 has expanded its opportunities and amenities available to PADI Divemaster and Instructor candidates. The new program allows candidates to receive training at three different PADI facilities strategically located at different locations around the island of Roatan.

According to Program Manager Liber Garrido, participants will be able to select one of three different “concentrations” including Go Pro GreenGo Pro Tec and Gro Pro Management. These concentrations will allow interns to develop expertise in areas that are valuable and requested by future explorers.

“We are pleased to introduce this new program which is the only one of its kind on the island,” Garrido explains. “Candidates will have their choice of curriculum, the flexibility of learning in different locations, and the opportunity to stay together at our new housing facility. It’s an impressive experience that will give candidates the opportunity to learn and take the first steps in their professional diving careers.

Garrido points out that Roatan Dive Academy has just constructed a new housing facility on the ground of Turquoise Bay Resort, adjacent to Subway Watersports. The facility includes air conditioning, cable television, internet, and modern appliances and fixtures.  “We are pleased that our candidates will no longer have a commute to the dive shop and can enjoy all the amenities that Turquoise Bay Resort provides to their upscale clientele including a pool, kayaks, renovated pier, bar with billiards, beach gym, and many other amenities.”

The program is the only IDC program on Roatan combining education, housing and meals.

Roatan Dive Academy has the only Divemaster program in the Bay Islands that fully integrates Divemaster interns into our expanding and successful coral restoration program.  Subway Watersports and Mayan Divers Resorts operate coral nursery and restoration programs that include resort guests in coral nursery maintenance and outplanting of nursery-raised corals.  Divemaster interns help to teach the resort guests about the coral project and help lead guests as they work in the nursery, and in planting corals back on the reef.

For more details on Roatan Dive Academy, visit the website.

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