Combining Superior Dive Training with Green Initiatives in Roatan


Roatan Dive Academy & Subway Watersports is excited to present our initiative for a greener planet: the PADI GOPRO GREEN Divemaster Internship!

We offer one of the first and only environmentally oriented Divemaster Internships that allows Divemaster candidates to get involved in some of the most exciting eco-projects in and around Roatan with a heavy focus on coral reef conservation efforts. There are five parts to becoming a PRO:

PRO-tect our reef

  • You will start your Dive Master Internship with a complimentary and exclusive Bay Island Reef Restoration Specialty Course, gaining in depth knowledge of the complexity of the coral reef ecosystems and how you can help conserve and protect them.
  • You will also be given other lectures, presentations and training in coral restoration, surveying and  nursery maintenance; also fish/coral identification and other areas of conservation.

Be PRO-active

  • You will quickly become involved in all of our ongoing eco-projects including our Coral Nursery Projects.
  • Subway Watersports has helped start the first two coral nurseries in all of Central America here in Roatan in connection with the Coral Restoration Foundation International.
  • We partnered with the Roatan Marine Park on a thesis project based on the protected area of the Cordelia Banks.

PRO-vide support

  • Throughout your Divemaster Internship you will be working with the Roatan Marine Park and other conservation organizations around the island to help improve the current state of our reef system. This includes helping to reduce the invasive lionfish population, coral reef surveying, coral nursery maintenance and potential expansion, beach and ocean cleanups, turtle protection and much more!

PRO-duce results

  • Your efforts and work throughout your internship will be vital to our ongoing and future eco-projects. Upon completion of your Divemaster Internship, you will be presented with a certificate and documentation of your volunteer hours on our projects for use towards college or other vocational credit.

Become a PRO-fessional

  • Our main goal is to certify Divemasters that will go on to work in the industry and carry forward the conservation and eco teachings learned throughout their training here. Our Instructors, Divemasters, and project specialists are all highly experienced and provide our GoPRO GREEN Divemaster interns with the best hands-on training available, so that you leave your internship a true PRO.


Why choose Subway Watersports to complete your PADI Divemaster Internship? We provide exceptional instruction paired with hands-on learning environments for the best value.

Real World Experience

  • We are one of the busiest dive shops in the Bay Islands, catering to a constant flow of dive resort guests, cruise ship guests, and walk-ins from all over the island. This means you will gain invaluable experience working with actual customers and students of all levels and abilities.
  • Work with some the best Divemasters and Instructors on the island, with an incomparable level of experience on Roatan and all over the world.

Best Location

  • Roatan diving has it all: from warm water all year round, to the healthiest reef on the Mesoamerican Barrier.
  • We cover all four sides of the island – no one else on the island can say the same!
  • We are one of the only dive shops on Roatan to have three locations;  you get the experience of working in three different operations, and experiencing the full range of diving that Roatan has to offer.
  • Our location means allows us to offer our interns a free trip to Pigeon Cay or Cayos Cochinos during their stay. All locations offer pristine, untouched dive sites, and a unique opportunity to see the outer islands that not many get to visit.
  • We also organize intern group trips to see the Garifuna cultural dances and ceremonies in the  village of Punta Gorda.
  • Subway Watersports conducts mangrove tours and other intern day trips no other shops offer!

Best Divemasters and Instructors to learn from

  • Our Divemasters and Instructors have hundreds of thousands of dives on Roatan’s reef combined. You certainly will be learning from experts  who are experienced working with interns to share their knowledge and training in a rather friendly and professional manner.

Unique Conservation Focus

  • Conservation efforts are a top priority at our dive shop therefore we work closely with Bay Island Reef Restoration organization.
  • You will receive the PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course for free.
  • As a Divemaster intern you will have the unique opportunity to help care for and protect these nurseries.  You will be gaining an education and understanding of how to install and maintain them. These hours often count for credit at educational institutions.

All Inclusive Divemaster Interships
Our program makes your life easy by being all inclusive. We take care of everything,  from your pick-up at the Roatan airport or ferry all the way through to your drop off at the end! Everything you might need is included in your internship:

  • We will pick you up from the Airport or Ferry port when you arrive
  • Accommodation in Subway’s New intern house in the premises of Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort.
  • Transportation to and from the dive resorts on training days.
  • Transportation to grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Unlimited diving during your courses
  • Buffet lunch at the resort
  • Equipment rental
  • PADI material in your language.  (Please pre-order at least 8 weeks prior to arrival for languages other than English)
  • All PADI material up to Rescue Diver will be delivered electronically in an effort to reduce the use of paper
  • Free Pigeon Cay or Cayos Cochinos trip
  • Opportunity to study and work in Roatan’s only coral nursery
  • PADI AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Course Certification (a $100 value)
  • Roatan’s shark dive at extremely discounted rates
  • Mentorship and instruction through your courses
  • Huge discounts on all PADI Speciality Courses
  • Huge discounts on retail dive equipment
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