Divemaster Internship Payment Information

Costs for internships at the Roatan Dive Academy vary depending on your dive certification and length of stay. A US $300 non-refundable deposit is due with booking. Our typical price schedule is as follows:

4 weeks US $ 1530, if you arrive as Rescue Diver Certified with more than 30 dives.
5 weeks US $ 1830, if you arrive as Rescue Diver Certified with less than 30 dives.
6 weeks US $ 2170, if you arrive as Advanced Open Water Certified with more than 20 dives.
7 weeks US $ 2470, if you arrive as Advanced Open Water Certified with less than 20 dives.
8 weeks US $ 2790, if you arrive as Open Water Certified.
9 weeks US $ 2990, if you arrive as non-certified.

Packages include:

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport or ferry for arrival and departure
  • Accommodation
  • Courses up to Divemaster
  • Dives
  • Equipment use
  • Staff lunches

Breakfast, dinner, flights, visas (where applicable) and insurance are not included.

PADI Training Materials

Please note that the Divemaster Internship cost includes instruction, however PADI standards require that student divers have in their possession a personal set of training materials for study and use during the course and for reference afterward. Please be advised that PADI also charges a fee when sending for official dive course cards. As of 2020 Subway Watersports will beging to  use electronic books for the Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver courses.  

Training material costs are as follows:

$754 – If you arrive as non-certified.
$655 – If you arrive as Open Water Certified.
$586 – If you arrive as Advanced Open Water Certified.
$439 – If you arrive as Rescue Diver Certified.

These costs may vary if you already own the materials. Your Divemaster application is not included in the above costs and must be paid to PADI (approximately $115). PADI also requires that Divemasters own the following equipment:

  • Recreational Dive Planner
  • eRDPML (electronic Recreational Dive Planner Multi Level)
  • Pocket mask
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Underwater cutting device (such as a knife)
  • Underwater timing device
  • Surface signaling device.

These items are available for sale at our dive shop where you can take advantage of our discounted “Pro Paks” that we offer to our Divemaster candidates.

Additional Dive Instruction

Once you have completed your Divemaster Internship you have the option to expand your employability, knowledge and skills by becoming an Assistant Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor. 

Instructor Development Courses at Subway are scheduled to run once a month directly followed by an Instructor Examination here on Roatan or Utila. As a Subway Intern & PADI Divemaster you can attend our IDC and enjoy the benefit of a 10% IDC course fee reduction. The cost is an additional $1600 for IDC tuition ($1440 if you have completed your divemaster with us) + $850 in required course materials, this total cost includes: accommodation, breakfast and lunch at our resort buffet, equipment use, diving, the IDC Crew Pack, EFR Instructor Manual, Nitrox Instructor course, Emergency Oxygen Provider course and the EFR Instructor course.

There is an additional $959 is fees due directly to PADI upon completion of the Instructor Examination for examination fees and PADI membership fees.

*For this year we are also including a free MSDT follow on program for our instructor candidates, we will provide instruction for up to 5 specialty instructor ratings, all you would be required to pay for is the PADI processing fee of $69 per course.

*Please note that by joining this adventure you are not guaranteed your certification in any courses. PADI certification is a result of completing and passing require coursework, dives and examinations.

For your convenience, you can pay the $300 deposit plus a small 8% processing fees with your credit card or from your PayPal account below.

To avoid fees ask us about wire transfer details. To send us your final payment with your credit card or from your PayPal account use the PayPal link, or, send the money directly from your PayPal account to [email protected].

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