Dive & Activity Prices for Your Roatan Adventures

1 – 4 dives$40.00per dive per person 
5 – 9 dives$37.00per dive per person5 dive package $185.00
10 – 14 dives$33.00per dive per person10 dive package $330.00
15 or more dives$30.00per dive per person15 dive package $450.00
Night Dive$20.00per dive per personIn addition to above prices
Fluorescence Night Dive$30.00per dive per personIn addition to above prices
Diver$10.00per diverChoose a Bracelet or a Tag
Snorkeler$5.00per snorkelerPaper Bracelet
Watersport others/FishingCharters without watersports$5.00per personPaper Bracelet

*Roatan Marine Park Fee

All guests participating in water sports are obliged to pay a Roatan Marine Park fee of $5/person for day guests (snorkelers and divers) and $10 per package diver. The Roatan Marine Park’s efforts here on Roatan are invaluable to the local environment and health of our reef. In exchange for the fee, package divers will receive a Roatan Marine Park BCD tag or bracelet, valid for one calendar year. To learn more about their efforts, please click here. The fee will be collected at the time of your check-in.

Enriched Air Nitrox 32%$10.00per tank plus 15% taxes
Enriched Air Nitrox 32%$119.00per week6 days, unlimited Nitrox!
*Exclusive SHARK DIVE*$120.00per diverincluding transportation, tank & weights
Lionfish Hunting License$50.00per diverFor certified divers only!Minimum 4 people required.

Including personal spear gun.

License 2 years valid.

Private Divemaster on a regular boat$30.00per dive or $50 per day 
1 – 2 divers$150.001 tank dive$260.002 tank dive
3 – 5 divers$250.001 tank dive$450.002 tank dive

6 or more divers = Regular dive prices but on a private boat with private Divemaster

Snorkeling60 min / 120 min.$25.00 / $50.00Minimum booking price of $50Minimum booking price of $100
Kayaking60 min / 120 min.

4 hours

8 hours

$12.00 / $20.00



per person

per person, add $75 if guide is needed

per person, add $125 if guide is needed

DAY TRIPSTour DurationPriceRemarks
Pigeon Cay – Island of Dreamsfull day trip$1000.00up to 8 people, additional person $100.00
Includes: Non-alcoholic Drinks, Snacks, Lunch and a 1-tank dive or snorkeling with Divemaster, Snorkel gear and Fishing gear. Excludes: Rental Dive Gear (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Computer, Dive Light), Marine Park Fee

Children under 8 are free of charge and do not count as a person

The Pirate’s Extremely Extreme Zipline$65.00per personexcluding transportation
The Pirate’s Extreme Zipline$45.00per personexcluding transportation
Transportation to Pirates of the Caribbean$20.00per personRound trip: Shop – Zipline – Shop
Jungle Top Zipline Adventure$45.00per personexcluding transportation
Transportation to Jungle Top Coxen Hole$30.00per personRound trip: Shop – Zipline – Shop
DIVING COURSES (Beginner)PriceRemarks
Bubblemaker (8 years+)$100.00including equipment
Pool IntroductionFreeincluding equipment
Discover Scuba Diving (introductory dive)$95.00including equipment
Discover Scuba Diving (2nd Dive)$60.00excluding equipment, including Instructor
Scuba Diver (limited certification)$295.00including equipment
Upgrade Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver$240.0050% off on equipment rental
Open Water Referral (4 OW Dives)$240.0050% off on equipment rental
Open Water Diver Course (OWD)$395.00including equipment
e-learning Open Water Diver Course$37.00including equipment, eRDPml, log
DIVING COURSES (Continuing Education)  
Refresher Course$80.00excluding equipment
Adventure Dive$70.00Manual not included ($36.00)
Adventure Diver Course (3 dives: excl. Deep+ UW Navigator)$250.00including equipment
Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWD)$330.00including equipment
e-learning Advanced Open Water Diver Course$285.00including equipment
Emergency First response Provider (EFR)$177.00Mandatory, not included: Pocket Mask($35.00) + CPR Key Chain ($8.00)
Rescue Diver Course$330.00including equipment, Mandatory not included:Pocket Mask ($35.00) + CP Key Chain


DIVING COURSES (Specialty Courses)  
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)$220.00excluding equipment, including 2 dives with Instructor (not mandatory)
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)$140.00Without dives
e-learning (Nitrox)$45.00Practical Application session and pre-dive simulation
Project AWARE Specialist, AWARE Coral ReefConservation, AWARE Fish Identification, O2


$100.00no dives
Digital UW Photographer, UW Naturalist, PeakPerformance Buoyancy, Multilevel Diver, Boat


$170.00excluding equipment, including 2 dives
DSAT Gas Blender$180.00no dives
e-learning Digital UW Photographer$120.00 
UW Videographer, UW Navigator$220.00excluding equipment, including 3 dives
Night Diver, Wreck Diver, Search & RecoveryDiver, Deep Diver$260.00excluding equipment, including 4 dives
Fluorescence Night Diver$280.00excluding equipment, including 4 dives

All course prices are including PADI material and Personal Identification Card (PIC)


All prices are subject to 15% taxes, with the exception of the Roatan Marine Park fees.
All prices which include equipment rental, rental is only included during the course.
We accept Mastercards and Visa as well as PayPal payments (subject to a 4.5% PayPal fee). We do not accept any kind of checks.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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